Wood protection for Decks, Fences, Docks and Marinas

One TIME Wood Protector is unique protection that is a proven, long-lasting, low maintenance alternative to conventional wood stains for Decks, Fences, Docks and Marinas. This unique wood protector eliminates the frequent, expensive, and difficult maintenance characteristics of most commonly advertised acrylic stains and oil finishes.

There are some decent quality oil stains available, but they are still oil stains. Oils dry out in the sun, wash and wear off, and have a pretty short life. Harsh chemicals or bleaches are usually required for maintenance. Frequent maintenance causes many stains to accumulate after several years, and can lead to darkening and buildup in many cases. That can lead to the need to strip. That creates a bad situation when we are on docks or boardwalks over water, or even the decks and fences in any neighborhood. Deck stripping uses harsh chemicals, and is preventable. We must choose a product that never requires chemical stripping, if we truly do want to be “green” about deck and wood care. Anything you put on the ground eventually ends up in some water.

We prefer One TIME Wood Protector for docks, decks, logs, and siding when the structure is near water. No harsh chemicals are needed for future maintenance, and One TIME never leads to stripping.

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Most well advertised Oil based deck stains generally last about a year or two in heavy sun. Most widely sold oil stains contain linseed oil, which contributes to mildew growth in many climates. Oils get dry, and then begin to release pigment and hold moisture and dirt. Repeated maintenance coats with oils lead to darkening and eventual stripping. Most oils sell in the $25-$30/ gal range and cover about 100-150 square feet per gallon. Repeated use of oils, most times, will lead to eventual costly chemical stripping at some point.

Acrylic and water based stains sound great for the environment. Unfortunately most of the acrylics tend to build a film with repeated maintenance coats as required every couple of years. . Color buildup and eventual spot-peeling lead to the need to strip. Unfortunately, most available deck strippers are not 100%effective at removing failed acrylic stains. Sometimes, sanding is required for full removal of a failed acrylic. Most acrylics sell between $30 and $50 per gal, and coverage ranges from 100-200 square feet per gallon. If you have to strip an acrylic, as many do, it is quite difficult and costly.

These common problems with most stains can be avoided by using One TIME Wood Protector. There is no solvent in One TIME. There is no water in One TIME. Nothing evaporates. All the product applied soaks into, and becomes part of, the wood. The manufacturer uses expensive raw materials. The sun cures the resin into the wood and locks in the pigment for UV protection. One TIME never builds a film, and cannot peel. One TIME sells in the $75-$85/ gal range and covers around 300 square feet per gallon, depending on the surface. One Time requires only a mild detergent wash before recoating every few years, when color refreshing is desired. . No bleaches or harsh chemicals EVER. The biggest difference between OneTIME and most conventional wood sealers is the longevity between maintenance coats. One TIME yields the lowest cost per year (labor, material) compared to all other products we have tested.

I know we sound biased, but we get hundreds of questions from clients across the country that are getting disappointing results from practically every deck care product you have seen advertised, or sold at the big boxes and national chains.

Andriots PaintSource has helped thousands of satisfied customers use One TIME Wood Protector to protect and beautify wood structures across the country.

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