If you’re a horse farm owner or barn builder, you know how crucial it is to select the right finishes for the wood in all structures on your farm. Equine facilities have unique surface finishing requirements that need attention to best solutions, including attention to detail and beauty, but also with regard to infection control, mold remediation, and simply providing a functional wood surface to fulfill any design vision. Waterlox Tung Oil Finishes can reflect the level of your care about the facilities you provide for your horses, and your clients.

Why Waterlox Is the Best Wood Finish for All Wood in Horse Barns

We believe the absolute best wood finish system for a horse barn combines Zar Oil Stain with Waterlox Marine Sealer in the first, and possibly the second waterproofing coat. The reason? Waterlox Tung Oil Wood Finish not only ensures extreme waterproofing but also magnifies the natural beauty of the wood. Unlike common finishes like spar varnish (specifically Helmsman Spar Varnish from Minwax), Waterlox delves deep into the wood, giving it a natural, hand-rubbed appearance while ensuring a finish that can stand up to scratches, spills, and stains.

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Doug Wilson: The Man Behind the Expertise

When considering any wood finishing in horse barns and other wooden interiors, you cannot overlook the name Doug Wilson. Known nationally as a consultant on wood staining and finishing in horse barns, Doug has built his reputation through years of hands-on experience and deep understanding of the nuances involved in finishing equine structures.

For over 25 years, PaintSource has grown into a beacon of knowledge regarding Paint and Wood Finishes for horse barns. Based in Versailles/Lexington KY, PaintSource has consulted on over 10,000 barns in Kentucky, and across the country. Doug has poured decades into researching, analyzing, and perfecting the process of all surface coatings in equine facilities With tailored project guides, video reviews, and personal consultations, PaintSource ensures you’re equipped with the best knowledge and counsel for your project.

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Take Action Now

For all horse farm owners and horse barn builders, now is the time to invest in the best wood finish for your equine structures. Trust Waterlox for unparalleled protection and beauty. Before making any decisions on wood finishing, get a direct consultation with Doug Wilson to benefit from his extensive experience.

Contact PaintSource today at 859-225-0981 to schedule a consultation. Your horse barn deserves the best, and with Waterlox and Doug Wilson’s expertise, you will achieve the highest level of function and beauty for your wood surfaces in all equine structures.

Here’s What PaintSource Offers:

Premium Products: Apart from the recommended Waterlox Tung Oil Finish, PaintSource also showcases premium brands such as Farrow & Ball paint and Benjamin Moore paint. They connect you with local dealers, ensuring you get the best products at competitive prices.

Expert Consultation: Their team is ever-ready to guide you, whether in-person, over the phone, or through email. They’ll provide insights on surface preparation, application techniques, and maintenance tips tailored for your specific needs.

Comprehensive Project Guides: These guides encompass a wide variety of topics, including how to coat and maintain different surfaces like wood, metal, and concrete in your barn. Each guide is designed keeping your specific project requirements in mind.

If you are undertaking a barn build, simply call Doug Wilson for a quick chat @ 859-225-0981

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