Sikkens is now PPG ProLuxe

Sikkens is now PPG ProLuxe

If you’re recently seen our new Sikkens page in the shop, you’ve noticed most of the Sikkens can images either have a smaller sikkens label or one that just reads PPG ProLuxe. We would like to assure you, while the name has changed over time the product has NOT changed.

In 1999, when the PaintSource website was launched, the Sikkens brand was owned by Akzo Nobel. Akzo Nobel first introduced the Sikkens brand to the United States in the 1990’s, and for nearly 20 years the name Sikkens is what we all knew.

That changed in 2013 when Akzo Nobel sold their North American Architectural Coatings division to PPG. This purchase by PPG included the Sikkens line of wood finishes in North America. However, since Akzo Nobel still used the Sikkens brand name in other markets around the world, PPG was required to gradually transition the Sikkens brand name to new brand name per the sale. In doing so PPG added “ProLuxe” to the brand name around 2015.

At first PPG still featured the Sikkens name on the can but added “ProLuxe” just beneath it. As time passed the Sikkens name grew smaller and the “ProLuxe” name became more prominent on the can. Eventually PPG removed the “Sikkens” name from the can label altogether and now only features the “PPG ProLuxe” label design.

In addition to the main label name, PPG also dropped all additional Akzo Nobel trademarked names found on the labels. Such as “Cetol”, “DEK”, and “Rubbol”. The product isn’t changing, ONLY the name. So while you might be looking for “Cetol 1 RE Wood Finish” know that the new product name is now called “1 Primary RE Wood Finish”.

We’ve included a table below to show all the past and current names of the the products you are probably looking for:

Sikkens Old NamePPG ProLuxe NEW Name
Cetol 1 RE Wood Finish1 Primary RE Wood Finish
Cetol 23 Plus RE Wood Finish23 Top Coat RE Wood Finish
Cetol DEK Wood FinishPremium Deck Wood Finish
Cetol Door & Window Wood FinishDoor & Window Wood Finish
Cetol Log & Siding Wood FinishLog & Siding Wood Finish
Cetol Maintenance RE Wood FinishMaintenance RE Wood Finish
Cetol SRD RE Wood FinishSRD RE Wood Finish
Cetol SRD Semi-Transparent Wood FinishSRD Semi-Transparent Wood Finish
Cetol SRD Wood FinishSRD Wood Finish
Rubbol Solid Wood FinishPremium Solid Stain Wood Finish

PaintSource still carries the same quality products, and while the name has changed, the product formulas are still the same with the PPG ProLuxe label.

We hope this will help with any confusion the name change may cause, especially our long time customers who are searching for Sikkens and received a PPG ProLuxe label on their can.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us!

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  • The SRD 250 was a low voc specifically to Southern CAl requirements. No longer made. The California redwood color no longer either. Closest you might find is blending Cedar, and maybe another color, or just find something like ready seal in a color that is close. I cannot advise at all regarding either, as you have a tricky dilemma there.

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