The PaintSource Network was formally organized in 1999 by Doug Wilson and Will Selby in Lexington, Kentucky, culminating years of experience in the paint and wood coatings industry. Our Online Paint Store reviews and presents the premium solutions we have discovered in our quest. PaintSource has evolved as a wholesale supplier of premium paint, caulking, and wood finishes. BJ Andriot and Andriots Paint has served Shelbyville and central Kentucky for almost 50 years.

PaintSource and Andriots Paint joined forces to share our knowledge and expertise in paint and wood coatings with our customers in the early 90’s. Our combined buying power allows us to offer wholesale pricing to all our clients. Andriots Paint Source can procure any paint or wood finish needed for your project.

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We explore the social, financial, and environmental consequences of many uninformed or misinformed decisions made when evaluating the various finishes needed to protect and beautify homes or other architectural structures. Andriots PaintSource can help you choose the correct products and procedures for your project.

We review and present our best product choices for a variety of painting and wood finish projects. Andriots Coatings Consultants can help evaluate options to seal, finish, paint, stain, and caulk many surfaces in and around houses and other structures.  Our mission is to increase awareness of the superior-performing methods, tools, products, and solutions that our customers, team, and associates have evaluated and tested over the years.  We feature and provide access to those select products here.

Our team has experience and expertise in industrial, commercial, and residential wood coatings, paint, and caulking products. Our coatings experts share decades of experience in the specification and application of fine wood finishes, including deck and log home stains, with a focus on elegant hardwood floor finishes.

We have decades of experience in residential and commercial coatings application, including extensive product and methods research. Andriots PaintSource is dedicated to increasing awareness of the best paint products, wood coatings, and caulking to protect and beautify a variety of surfaces on homes and commercial buildings. We present premium products, tools and supplies to save time and money, and improve project results. Andriots PaintSource is available for project consultation on all paint and wood finishing projects.

Our Online Paint Store presents the premium solutions we have discovered in our quest to source the finest quality paint and wood finishes for our customers and friends. Our product reviews are based on our years of testing and evaluation, as well as continual input from satisfied clients and expert contractors from across the country.

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PaintSource History

Doug worked for the Sherwin-Williams Paint Company through the 1980’s as an architectural coatings consultant. Doug and Will worked together in the early 90’s running one of the largest independent paint stores in the country, serving clients in numerous markets, gaining valuable knowledge and experience with a variety of paint and wood coatings products. Beginning in 1994, while operating a commercial and residential painting business, they began to develop a network of manufacturers, suppliers and contractors who were providing premium proven products and solutions for a variety of painting and wood care projects.

PaintSource launched their first paint and finish reviews website in 1999. Continual testing and research has led us to feature the products and solutions you will find here. PaintSource teamed with Andriots Paint in 2007. Over the past two decades, Andriots PaintSource has evolved into a central resource for paint and wood coatings counsel.

Our Online Store has allowed PaintSource to offer Andriots premium project solutions beyond central KY, as we continue to test and evaluate hundreds of products through our professional network.

Our Consulting Service allows us to develop educational resources and provide our knowledge, free of advertisement bias or influence.

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