Best Paint Horse Farm Metal Gate

Boy, this is an old video we just found. The discussion is solid, but we want to update the advice, to use rust converter, then Benjamin Moore Command, or just use Command straight over rust. If black gates, the converter will hold off new rust for couple of years, and command will give 5 years without converter. Just call us and we can advise for your project.

Brief description of rust converter, a substance used to change rust (iron oxide) to iron phosphate, a stable material. Helps control rust before applying finish paint.

While all Benjamin Moore stores may not carry the rust converter, or certain colors of Command, most can procure for you locally within 3 to 5 days.

Call 859-225-0981 to procure material for any project you undertake. Our team is standing by to help you with your next project.

Products Needed:

Rust Converter:


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