How The PaintSource Network is changing the common approach to buying Fine Wood Finishes, with a specific focus on Waterlox Tung Oil Finishes

Waterlox Vs. Polyurethane

Greetings from the PaintSource team! We hope this message finds you well. We wanted to take this opportunity to connect with you, and describe to you our commitment to being your number one resource for wood finishing projects, and particularly to assist you by sharing our expertise and experience with Waterlox Tung Oil Wood Finish products.

Now in our 25th year, PaintSource has been more than just a supplier; we’ve striven to be a trusted advisor, bringing clients only the finest products and solutions in the industry. Our primary aim is to help our customers accomplish their wood finishing projects with absolute satisfaction and function.

At the core of our commitment to you is our deep knowledge of Waterlox products. We understand the value that a quality finish brings to any wood project, and we are proud to have been offering our customers Waterlox, an industry leader in natural wood sealers and finishes. Waterlox is derived from earth’s finest waterproofing oil: Tung oil from the Tung Tree.

When discussions go to Waterlox vs polyurethane, Waterlox is the most satisfying, functional, and beautiful wood finish when compared to most polyurethanes. We believe Waterlox is the best finish for real wood floors, wood furniture, trim, wood doors, and more.

Doug Wilson, our founder and CEO, with his 35+ years of experience, has accumulated an impressive depth of knowledge about Waterlox and other wood finishing products. Doug is not just an expert; he is passionate about helping you achieve the perfect finish on your projects.

We want you to know that Doug, and our entire team, is just a phone call away should you require any assistance or have any queries related to Waterlox or other products. Clients can connect with Doug , or any team member to consult, or formulate a project guide for any specific or unique project.

We’re here to provide you with insightful recommendations tailored to your unique needs. We are available to discuss with you your current projects and encourage you to simply call 1-859-225-0981, and tell us a bit about your vision.

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