PaintSource take on CUTEK® EXTREME

HOW CUTEK® EXTREME WORKS For clients seeking an alternative to One TIME Wood Protector, we are taking a hard look at Cutek Oil. While it may need more frequent oiling, maintenance is the simplest it can be. You can find more info HERE CUTEK® Extreme offers powerful protection while enhancing … Read More

What is the difference between Waterlox TB 5284 Sealer Finish and Waterlox TB 3809 Waterlox Marine Sealer?

NOTHING…except the label. Waterlox MARINE Sealer (TB 3809) and Waterlox ORIGINAL Sealer & Semi-Gloss Finish (TB 5284) are the same product with different labels and instructions on the cans.  The same product is used for different purposes. Content on and PaintSource’s YouTube videos are based on independent reviews and … Read More

The PaintSource Guide to Using Waterlox in Horse Barns and Livestock Structures

The PaintSource Guide to Using Waterlox in Horse Barns and Livestock Structures Introduction Advantages of Waterlox Wood Preparation Application of Waterlox Tung Oil Finish Maintenance and Touch-ups Additional Tips Conclusion This guide provides a detailed approach to using Waterlox Tung Oil Finish, emphasizing practicality and aesthetics suitable for horse barns … Read More

Best Paint Horse Farm Metal Gate

Boy, this is an old video we just found. The discussion is solid, but we want to update the advice, to use rust converter, then Benjamin Moore Command, or just use Command straight over rust. If black gates, the converter will hold off new rust for couple of years, and … Read More

Why PaintSource chooses Abatron vs Bondo

Abatron would be considered superior to Bondo for most architectural applications. The following discussion summarizes my thoughts. Purpose & Applications: In conclusion, while both Abatron and Bondo have their places, Abatron stands out for wood repair and restoration due to its superior bonding, flexibility, and durability, especially in challenging or historic … Read More

How The PaintSource Network is changing the common approach to buying Fine Wood Finishes, with a specific focus on Waterlox Tung Oil Finishes

Waterlox Vs. Polyurethane Greetings from the PaintSource team! We hope this message finds you well. We wanted to take this opportunity to connect with you, and describe to you our commitment to being your number one resource for wood finishing projects, and particularly to assist you by sharing our expertise … Read More

PaintSource Guide. Best way to Paint a New House.

Painting New Construction Home Hardwood Floors Polyurethane finishes look “plastic”, are prone to scratching, and need to be recoated frequently. Choosing a Finish for Hardwood Floors. Coordination and sequencing of Floor finishes and Wall finishes many times leads to damage to walls by floor finishers, or damage to floors by … Read More

Sequencing Hardwood Floor Finish  

Builders, subcontractors, and homeowners many times find it difficult to sequence the various steps during new home construction. Hardwood floor installation, staining, and finishing typically create one of the biggest logistical challenges to the project manager. Wall and ceiling painting many times involves ladders and scaffolding, which can damage freshly … Read More

Andriots Paint Source

Andriots Paint Source is the trusted Best Family owned Paint Store for procuring and implementing the finest and most functional coatings and wood finishes for new home or remodeling projects. Andriots Paint Source Network consists of Design / Builders and their Finish Contractors who have aligned with Premium Coatings Suppliers … Read More

Structures Nature Color

See Nature Color on some elegant wood structures here: Structures Gallery Structures Nature Color wood coating system is a proven exterior translucent satin wood finish. The special oil alkyd resin formulation is combined with special iron oxide, ultraviolet reflecting/ absorbing pigments. This protection formulation is intended to establish and sustain … Read More

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