Best Wood Floor Finish on Wood Floor in a Doghouse.

If you live in a doghouse, and have real wood floors, then Andriots Paint and Fine Wood Finishes can help you choose the best wood finish for your floors. Waterlox represents the best performing, lowest maintenance, with no sanding ever in the life of a Waterlox coated floor. When rejuvenation is needed, simply clean the floor, and apply a single coat every few years. Andriots guarantees every Waterlox Wood Finish System we provide. House by House. For the life of the finish. Just call Chaz Andriot for some straight advice for all your paint and wood finish projects.

No matter what you are painting, our team has seen it all. We know what works, and we know what doesn’t. Just call us for some straight Talk…Paint Talk about your project.

Andriots Paint Source Guarantee is simple:    If  Waterlox fails to meet your expectations, you can apply the finish of your choice over the Waterlox. Waterlox actually serves as an enhancing basecoat for any finish, including water based polyurethane, and traditional oil based finishes.

Most clients simply utilize the 4 coat Waterlox System with a coat every few years for the simplest best wood care achievable. Waterlox for Life with Andriots.

Benjamin Moore Agean Teal top color.

Call Andriots Paint before you start any project. We love to talk.

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