Best Wood Finish for Wood Floors and Dogs

Waterlox Tung Oil is the PaintSource Product of Choice for clients who live in a Dog House.

Because Waterlox finishes penetrate into your wood floors, when scratches or wear areas do occur, they are far less noticeable than with a urethane finish that simply lies on the surface. To fix scratches that would occur, you clean the damaged area well and then apply Waterlox with a cloth or brush. No need to sand down to bare wood, and no need to sand the existing Waterlox finish.   Please call us to discuss this spectacular choice for your wood.

Maintenance coating is easy with Waterlox. You just sweep the floor, clean, and reapply a rejuvenating coat as desired every few years. No sanding is ever required, which means no machines, no dust, no inconvenience, and no expense in preparation. Most common finishes are difficult to spot repair, and usually require full sanding and refinishing. With Waterlox, small scratches can be spot repaired, with excellent results. Some clients even buff the finish after a few years, with excellent results, and extended maintenance.

Always keep dog nails trimmed, and keep surface free of grit by regular sweeping, and keeping outside entry areas swept clean as well. Small grit from brick mortar or concrete can easily track and abrade any finish.

Call us if you want to talk a bit more about Waterlox Tung Oil Finishes.

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