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Structures NatureOne Renew Finish


Structures NatureOne Renew, a superior eco-friendly colorless exterior finish designed as a maintenance coat for wood homes coated with NatureColor or NatureOne protection systems. This colorless exterior maintenance coat will not darken or change the appearance of the existing wood surface. The Structures NatureOne Renew formulation combines nano-UV technology and acrylic resin technology to refresh and maintain the existing coating system in place.

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This Wood Coating is a top quality 100% Acrylic Exterior translucent finish for new and weathered wood. It Penetrates deeply and is water-repellant.
Formulated with U.V. filter technology for maximum wood protection. Provides a beautiful natural tone that will last for years. NatureOne Acrylic Exterior is

Recommended Uses: An Acrylic Translucent Coating for exterior wood finishing of logs, siding, and other Exterior Wood on structures.

  • Non-pigmented: Designed to provide a clear non-darkening maintenance coat.
  • Micro-porous: Allows moisture in the wood to escape.
  • UV protection: Screens the wood from sunlight deterioration through use of Three pronged protection.
  • Adhesion promoters: Provide excellent adhesion to existing alkyd and water based finishes.
  • Water Repellent: Protects wood against damage from moisture intrusion.
  • Fungi resistant: Impedes the growth of wood disfiguring and decaying micro-organisms.
  • Flexible: Allows for expansion and contraction of the wood.
  • Water based: Easy clean up with soap and water, dries quickly.
  • VOC compliant – Environmentally friendly.

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