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  • 12″ Lambswool Pad Refill

    12″ Lambswool Pad Refill
  • 12″ Lambswool Pad and Block

    12″ Lambswool Pad and Block
  • Waterlox Cleaner Concentrate QT

    Wood surface heavy duty cleaner. Will not damage the gloss or film of most finishes. One quart (32 oz) makes between 8 and 32 gallons of cleaner. Effective at neutralizing harsh cleaner residues left behind from other cleaners. Dissolves ice melt and hard water films without leaving a soap haze. … Read More
  • Project Consultation

    Project Consultation

    When you need detailed technical advice or project assistance, PaintSource offers one-on-one consultation for your project. Consult directly about your project with Doug Wilson, Hunter Selby, BJ Andriot, Chaz Andriot, Tommy Broyles, or any of our team upon request.

    Andriots Paint connects you directly with the expert knowledge of Doug Wilson, the founder of the Paint Source Network and Andriots

    With a simple phone call, you can discuss any paint or wood finish project you have and receive personalized advice and recommendations from an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience.

    We can help you choose the best products for your paint or wood finish project.

    We can then help you source those products for jobsite dejlivery.

    Please engage us to help you with your next project.

    We will be glad to answer short questions by email or phone FREE of charge.

    [email protected]