Dust free sanding is the only way to go when finishing drywall. We see so much dust remaining in new homes-in the ventilation systems, outlets and switches, can lights, etc. Drywall dust is extremely light weight, and should be prevented from becoming airborne, and traveling throughout the job site. This is an easily controllable nuisance when utilizing readily available tools and techniques. For remodeling jobs, or an occupied job site, dust-free sanding is an absolute must. Drywall dust is a nuisance to both workers and homeowners. There are a variety of health issues related to drywall dust exposure.

Drywall dust can also cause various adhesion problems, and contaminates paint finishes. We have had clients spend hundreds of dollars trying to remove drywall dust from ventilation systems. We had one client who spent several thousand dollars replacing duct work, after dealing with continual dust the first two years in their newly constructed house. (The furnace was operated during drywall sanding, without covering the return air ducts.) We continually talk to homeowners who had major cleanup issues in the rest of their house after a remodeling project.

We see a tremendous amount of dust remaining in recently constructed homes. We see great results with a system consisting of a Dust-free hand sander, a Drywall Dust Vacuum, and an Automatic Dust-Free Drywall Sander, and various Vac attachments for special areas and hand sanding.

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The Automatic Sander is light weight, easy to use, and fast. It can be especially useful to do-it-yourselfers who are inexperienced at drywall mudding and finishing. You don’t have to be quite as detailed or finished out on the mud. You can easily sand and remud as needed. The sander is also fantastic for sanding between coats or sanding after priming new drywall. This system is available for rent in some areas, or can be purchased on this site.