Why is Waterlox Tung Oil Finish the Best Choice for Hardwood Floors?

Waterlox Original Sealer & Finish

Waterlox Tung Oil Finish has always been our answer for elegant wood care on interior wood floors, doors, trim, walls, and cabinetry. We have been using and sharing Waterlox for over 20 years. This Tung oil and resin blend represents an extremely beautiful and durable option when choosing a wood finish.

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When we describe Waterlox Tung Oil Finish, we want to convey the unique appearance of this finish. It does not form a “plastic” layer like water-based or oil-based polyurethanes. Waterlox gives the wood a hand rubbed look that is both durable and elegant. More Video discussion

Because Waterlox cures within the wood, there is not a surface buildup, so the Waterlox hardened surface is less likely to show scratches compared to any conventional polyurethane floor finish. Waterlox looks good longer. Waterlox looks different. Because the wood is not obstructed by a plastic film on the surface, Waterlox naturally accentuates the grain pattern and color of the wood. It is best to actually see it on wood to truly understand the difference. Feel free to contact us for product samples.

Another great advantage of Waterlox is the ease of maintenance. No sanding is required before recoat. You simply clean the floor and apply a fresh coat. Waterlox provides the best looking protection on wood floors for the least amount of work over any period of time. Because Waterlox is made from tung oil, it is quite friendly to the environment. Tung oil is a renewable resource processed from the seeds of the Tung tree nut.

Waterlox Advantages

Hand rubbed look
Unparalleled protection for hardwood flooring.
Ease of touch up and rejuvenation.
Safer and more serviceable than lacquer for cabinets and walls.
Natural wood tones are beautifully enhanced.

Use on

Wood Flooring
Historic Repurposed Lumber
River Reclaimed Lumber
Wood Trim
Wood Windows
Bathrooms and Kitchens
Furniture and Railings

Waterlox Original Tung Oil finishes are penetrating oil finishes and as such enhance the wood with a natural oiled look and feel. Waterlox never requires sanding for adhesion and touch-ups can be done at any time without sanding. Waterlox forms a protective finish that won’t chip, crack or wrinkle.

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