The Fall Season – Last chance to coat wooden structures before winter.

Fall is the perfect time to coat your outdoor wood projects. The cooler temps make it nice for the applicators and they do not have to be so concerned about the finish flash drying on a surface that is too hot. More importantly, your wood needs to be protected from the freeze thaw cycles of winter. Wood left unprotected suffers the greatest amount of damage in these winter months. Any cracks or checks in the wood allow water to penetrate into the wood. In the wintertime this moisture freezes and expands by becoming ice crystals. This causes more subsurface damage, making tiny cracks larger and allowing more space for water to penetrate father into the wood, causing more damage.

A wood floor, due to the nature of its construction, especially needs protection. The horizontal surface is filled with screw and nail holes allowing moisture to seep in the wood. The enviable snow build up only compounds the problem. Structures Wood Care NatureColor® Base Coat will keep moisture from penetrating the wood. Structures Wood Care products are formulated to be breathable and flexible, which allow it to contract and expand with your deck.

The painting day in the fall is shorter than in the summer but there are many good painting hours available to take advantage of. Often the morning dew is heavy on the deck. Allow time for the dew to dry off before coating. The temperature when coating should be 50 degrees or more. The alkyd oil product, Structures NatureColor, needs three to four hours dry time before dew or frost occurs.

Structures Wood Care® products are water repellent, flexible, and micro-porous helping to protect the wood and keep it looking beautiful year after year.

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