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NatureColor BASE COAT Exterior
This product is a proven translucent wood protection finish. NatureColor BASE COAT is used on exterior vertical surfaces as the first and second coat of a recommended three-coat system. BASE COAT can also be used alone as a one or two-coat application on weather-exposed, horizontal wood surfaces such as decks, fencing, and garage doors. 1 or 2 coats can be used for decks, fences, and furniture. Please contact us to discuss this product.

structures wood care naturecolor recoater

NatureColor RECOATER Exterior
System-completing protective topcoat used in conjunction with NatureColor BASE COAT on exterior vertical wood surfaces. RECOATER should be applied within one month for optimum protection or at least within one year of the initial NatureColor BASE COAT applications. RECOATER is also used as a single coat for maintenance applications. RECOATER to be used on VERTICAL surfaces only. Please contact us to discuss this product.

Structures NatureOne

NatureOne 100% Acrylic Exterior
A durable translucent exterior wood coating that combines 100% acrylic resin technology with transparent iron oxides. The result is a premium coating with advanced UV protection along with a beautiful luster and clarity of wood grain. NatureOne 100% Acrylic is applied initially as a three-coat finishing system on vertical surfaces such as solid log and timber frames, wood sidings and trim, and entry and garage doors. NatureOne can also be used as a single coat for maintenance applications. Please contact us to discuss this product.

Structures NatureOne Renew

NatureOne Renew 100% Acrylic Exterior
A superior eco-friendly colorless exterior finish designed as a maintenance coat for wood homes coated with NatureColor or NatureOne protection systems. This colorless exterior maintenance coat will not darken or change the appearance of the existing wood surface. The Renew formulation combines nano-UV technology and acrylic resin technology to refresh and maintain the existing coating system in place. Please contact us to discuss this product.

NatureBlend Deck
NatureBlend Deck is a semi-transparent, One-Step Deck finish, created from the latest technology available for exterior coatings. This technology surrounds oil molecules with water molecules. So what does that mean? With this formulation, everyone gets the benefits of soap and water clean-up along with V.O.C. compliancy. Additionally, you get the drying and penetration characteristics of an oil; all of this in a one-coat application!

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