Strip and Finish Mahogany Wood Garage Door.

Join Andriots PaintSource Network as we contemplate the renovation and preservation of this African Mahogany Garage Door. We will capture a bit of each day’s work, and the steps to stripping, sanding, and then choosing a wood finish on this door.

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Click this video for our daily footage of this project. We are testing YouTube Live, and while some of the video is repetitious, we want to post it up and then edit later to shorten the discussion. This playlist can be forwarded to skip some of the details. Please contact us if you need advice for your project.

Option #1 Waterlox Tung Oil Marine Finish

Option #2 Structures Wood Care

Both products represent a superior wood finish that stands above commonly available varnishes.

Step 1 Stripped and Sanded Mahogany Garage Door
Step 2 Waterlox Marine Tung Oil Sealer with Zar Oil Stain . Step 3 Second coat Marine Sealer
Step 4 Waterlox Marine Finish
final look

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