Wood Finish for Exterior Wooden Entry Doors and Garage Doors

NatureColor® from Structures Wood Care or Structures Wood Care NatureOne® wood finishes are excellent products for exterior entry doors and garage doors. These coatings resemble a varnish stained look but provides a micro porous film that is resistant to sun deterioration because of the layered effect of the pigmentation. The translucent qualities of NatureColor® or NatureOne® allow the beauty of the wood to make a statement on exterior doors.

The application process is the usual three-coat system for vertical surfaces. For the surface preparation, we recommend sanding with 80 to 100 grit sandpaper to remove “mill glaze” and/or dirt from the surface of the wood. Excessive use of water is not recommended for cleaning wood doors and sashes.

Raised paneled doors have sharp edges that one can feel when you run your fingers along the edges of the panels. Sand these edges lightly to relieve the sharp edges so the coating does not fall away but rather clings evenly to the edges of the panels. An even generously applied coating will prevent premature and uneven weathering on the door.

Blocking or sticking together of two coated surfaces can occur if coatings are not thoroughly dry prior to installation and use. This occurs in acrylic finishes more frequently than oils as they are UV cured; allow doors to dry in the sun prior to installation.

Routinely check the lower portions of the door, as these are higher moisture areas due to water back splash and snow build up. A timely single coat application of the appropriate NatureColor® Recoater or NatureOne® 100% Acrylic Exterior or NatureOne® Renew will prevent intrusion of unwanted moisture.

Painting Technique for Paneled Doors

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