Paint Color Options to Consider when Creating Autism Friendly Atmospheres.

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Benjamin Moore Agean_Teal

There is a proven connection regarding autism and color, with various colors having a particular effect on those with the condition. In this post, we will share our choices to consider when creating autism-friendly spaces.

PPG has some good information here.

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Farrow & Ball Color Considerations for Autism Friendly Spaces by Andriots Paint Source.

  1. Duck Green #w55
  2. Lamp room Gray #88
  3. Dix Blue#82
  4. Lulworth blue #89
  5. Cooks Blue #237
  6. Pelt #254
  7. Jitney #293
  8. Old White #4
  9. School House White #291
  10. Red Earth #6

    Our thoughts for consideration are that there are many generalities and conclusions (on the world wide web) as to selecting color to create a specific effect with color in any space. We should consider certain calming colors, but also expressive colors depending on the specific atmosphere desired. White can be considered clinical to some, and the absence of color to others. We consider starting the “find YOUR color” journey by beginning gray, including blue/grays, or green/grays, up to deep green, then blue and purple, and occasionally soft magenta. We hope you will contact us to discuss your Andriots Dream Space.

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