7 Questions For your Painter or Builder.

  1. Builders should always consider  Lexel, NP-1, GeocelBig Stretch, or Allpro Pro Stretch for ALL CAULKING on any new home.

2.Builders and painters should be using Waterlox Tung Oil Finishes for all wood surfaces in our forever home for all interior wood surfaces including hardwood floors, cabinets, trim, and counter tops.  How can you possibly allow polyurethane on our floors knowing Waterlox is a highly superior wood finish compared to most all polyurethane finishes. Call Andriots PaintSource and they can explain. They sell many polyurethanes, but they still believe Waterlox warrants the highest consideration for most wood in the home, including hardwood floors, trim, cabinets, wood counters, and most other wood elements. 

  1. All builders, designers, and painters MUST demand Waterlox Marine Finishes, or Structures Nature Color, or One TIME Wood Protector or ReadySeal, or Cat4 for all exterior natural wood surfaces. These products represent the finest proven coatings technology to date.  Andriots team has decades of experience in wood and log home finishes, and we hope you will just simply call us for a chat about your project. 859-225-0981

4. All builders, designers, and painters must use Aura Spa & Bath Paint for all Bathrooms? Ask your builder why not.

Here are Paint Options for any new Home.  

Here’s why..

Many homeowners have experienced bathroom wall streaking when traditional paint products are used in high moisture spaces. Traditional paint products commonly used for bathrooms lead to surfactant leaching, which manifests as oily streaks on bathroom walls from showering. If you are repainting a bathroom, be sure to just wash the walls with water. You will be rinsing a huge soap film from the wall if it was painted previously with any Sherwin Williams Paint, Behr Paint, or Valspar (SW). Just rinse the surfactants (soap) from the walls, and demand Aura Spa & Bath Paint from Andriots Paint Source.

If you are building a new home, demand Aura Spa & Bath Paint from Benjamin Moore for all high moisture spaces. 
Andriots Paint Source can procure for you all materials for any project. Aura Spa & Bath can be delivered by expert professionals to your job site

5. There is no reason for not using Stix Urethane Primer for all wood, and Benjamin Moore Best Drywall Primers 

6. Why are owners not spending at least 40 or 50 bucks bucks a gallon on all paint for any new home.
Most would gladly give a few hundred extra dollars to insure they get the best technology, and highest quality materials for EVERY surface of a new home. Andriots Paint Source Guide to Painting a New Home.

7. All builders, designers and painters should be presenting the Farrow & Ball option for signature spaces in any new home.

Andriots PaintSource delivers paint and wood finishes direct to your jobsite. 

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