Waterlox Marine Finish Review

We discuss Waterlox Marine Finshes as the best wood finish for mahogany doors. Waterlox Marine Finishes are Tung Oil based, and are extremely waterproof.

Waterlox Marine Satin Finish
Waterlox Original Marine Satin Finish

Waterlox Marine Satin Finish is a satin topcoat designed to work in conjunction with Waterlox Original Marine Sealer. The Waterlox Original Marine Finish System provides is a perfect solution for any exterior wood finishing projects that are in harmful elements like moisture, direct ultraviolet rays, salt and fresh water, and harsh weather.… Read More

Waterlox Marine Sealer
Waterlox Original Marine Sealer

Waterlox Original Marine Sealer is a perfect solution for any exterior wood finishing projects that are in harmful elements like moisture, direct ultraviolet rays, salt and fresh water, and harsh weather.… Read More

Waterlox Marine Finish
Waterlox Original Marine Gloss Finish

Waterlox Original Marine Gloss Finish provides an easy maintenance, waterproof finish against UV rays, and harsh weather designed exclusively for your exterior wood finishing projects. Specially made for boat decks, bright work, spars and other heavy-duty exterior applications, such as exterior doors and garage doors.… Read More

Why Waterlox is the Best Choice for all Wood in a New Horse Barn

If you’re building a new horse barn, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing the right wood finish system. The wood surfaces in your barn are exposed to moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors that can cause damage and reduce the sanitation, beauty, and lifespan of … Read More

Waterlox VOC Compliant Finish
Waterlox Original VOC Compliant Finish

Waterlox Original VOC Compliant Finish is a premium tung oil-based sealer/wood finish in a Low VOC Formulation goes on easily with a brush, lambswool applicator, cloth roller or spray and resists alcohol, hot liquids and similar problems while sealing the wood and hardening and enhancing the wood’s natural appearance… Read More

Waterlox TB 5284 Original Sealer Finish Gallon

Waterlox Original Sealer / Finish is a tung oil based penetrating sealer and finish all in one. Waterlox Original Sealer & Finish is designed for use on interior wood surfaces including floors, windows, doors, cabinetry, woodwork, tables, furniture, and various woodworking projects.… Read More

7 Questions For your Painter or Builder.

Builders should always consider  Lexel, NP-1, Geocel, Big Stretch, or Allpro Pro Stretch for ALL CAULKING on any new home. 2.Builders and painters should be using Waterlox Tung Oil Finishes for all wood surfaces in our forever home for all interior wood surfaces including hardwood floors, cabinets, trim, and counter tops.  How can you possibly allow … Read More

Best Wood Finish for Bourbon Barrel Wood

Waterlox represents our finest choice of wood finish and protectant for Bourbon Barrel Wood creations and elements. The following creations from LM Handcrafted Designs showcase Waterlox as their featured finish. Planter or Ice Tub with Waterlox Marine Finish

Mahogany Door Restoration: Comprehensive Guide to Refinishing

Mahogany is renowned for its rich, deep hues and durability, making it a premium choice for exterior elements like garage doors. Over time, however, even the finest mahogany can lose its luster due to weather exposure and everyday wear. Restoring its beauty doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Welcome … Read More

PaintSource Guide. Best way to Paint a New House.

Painting New Construction Home Hardwood Floors Polyurethane finishes look “plastic”, are prone to scratching, and need to be recoated frequently. Choosing a Finish for Hardwood Floors. Coordination and sequencing of Floor finishes and Wall finishes many times leads to damage to walls by floor finishers, or damage to floors by … Read More

Wood Finish for Exterior Wooden Entry Doors and Garage Doors

NatureColor┬« from Structures Wood Care or Structures Wood Care NatureOne┬« wood finishes are excellent products for exterior entry doors and garage doors. These coatings resemble a varnish stained look but provides a micro porous film that is resistant to sun deterioration because of the layered effect of the pigmentation. The translucent qualities of … Read More