Farrow & Ball Paint

We will be honored if you would simply call us to schedule a discussion of ALL your pending paint, or wood staining and finishing projects. Andriots Group has been sourcing paint and related materials for Shelbyville and surrounding small towns since the late 70’s. We have expanded over the years … Read More

PaintSource Guide. Best way to Paint a New House.

Painting New Construction Home Hardwood Floors Polyurethane finishes look “plastic”, are prone to scratching, and need to be recoated frequently. Choosing a Finish for Hardwood Floors. Coordination and sequencing of Floor finishes and Wall finishes many times leads to damage to walls by floor finishers, or damage to floors by … Read More

Sequencing Hardwood Floor Finish  

Builders, subcontractors, and homeowners many times find it difficult to sequence the various steps during new home construction. Hardwood floor installation, staining, and finishing typically create one of the biggest logistical challenges to the project manager. Wall and ceiling painting many times involves ladders and scaffolding, which can damage freshly … Read More