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We continually consult with numerous other industry specialists, professional painters, specialty contractors, and wood finishing experts to find and share with you the proven solutions featured here. We present the specialized products, tools, and supplies that we continually research and test. We serve as manufacturers representatives of several specialty wood coatings and paint products. We make those products available to our clients here.

What is dust-free drywall sanding?

Most drywall repair and finishing methods generate a tremendous amount of dust. We continually observe preventable costly damage and inconvenience caused by drywall dust spreading into air ducts, then throughout the home. Drywall Dust is an easily controlled nuisance when utilizing readily available equipment and procedures.

We have seen homeowners spend thousands of dollars dealing with drywall dust remaining in the home after construction, or from remodeling. We believe an unacceptable amount of dust remains in many homes from new construction or remodeling.We want to increase awareness of more efficient, cleaner drywall sanding methods readily available. We make these products and procedures available here.

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We carry Nortonís line of coated abrasives and finishing products for the hardwood flooring industry. Norton is the world leader in abrasive products and technology.

Insure project quality with the proper measuring and testing tools. Detailed instruction and advice available.

Our DVD library features project guides for various painting and wood finishing projects. Easy to follow step-by-step procedures are outlined and demonstrated. Video Instruction can improve speed and the quality of finish for any project. Expert Craftsmen demonstrate years of experience to show you proven methods, tools, and procedures for your projects.