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Waterlox Original
| Waterlox Satin | Waterlox High gloss | Waterlox Marine


Waterlox and Water Poly Comparison.

Waterlox compared to water-based Poly for "color pop". 10/09

Waterlox on Texas Walnut

Waterlox on Countertop. Finish by DeVos

Waterlox Marine Finish
2 coats Waterlox Marine Sealer and 2 coats
of Waterlox Marine Satin on Rosewood.
Weathered by water and western exposure.
Great results after 18 months with one
maintenance coat at about 12 months.
( Waterlox is not intended for immersion service. )

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Waterlox Sealer /Finish

Waterlox Satin

Waterlox High Gloss
Waterlox Marine
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