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Waterlox Floor Finishing Guide

Please review the Finish Bulletin for the Waterlox product you are using before you begin.

Care and Maintenance

Your newly finished Waterlox project will give you years of enjoyment. Cleaning consists
of vacuuming, broom sweeping, dusting, or mopping with a slightly damp mop. It is not
necessary to use wax, or any products containing wax, and we recommend against it.
Varnish-type finishes will not dry or bond over wax, grease or oil; therefore, all traces
must be removed before applying more coats.

For dirty areas or annual Spring-cleaning, use Waterlox Cleaner Concentrate for heavy mop cleaning. Another option is wash the surface with a non-film forming, non-abrasive, and non-ammonia base detergent or a white vinegar and water solution of 2 capfuls of vinegar to 1 gallon of water. The surface should be rinsed afterward to remove all traces of the residual soap or detergent film.

For light duty and weekly cleaning Waterlox Cleaner Concentrate can be mixed for spray and buff cleaning with a buffing bonnet, or micro-fiber mop.

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