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We have featured Waterlox as our product of choice for wood finishing for many years, both as contractors and wood care consultants.  We have evolved as a wholesale supplier of Waterlox to thousands of Waterlox customers throughout the country.

We bring loads of Waterlox into our warehouse and repackage for UPS shipping. We work closely with the Hawkins family at Waterlox to make their products and expertise as widely available as possible. We can ship to remote locations, where the nearest town is just a bit far to drive.

You will never find Waterlox at Home Depot, Lowes, Sherwin Williams, or other national chains.
You will find Waterlox at specialty supply houses, and independent paint and hardware stores. We work with independent paint stores across the country to increase awareness of all our featured products, including Waterlox.  

PaintSource ships Waterlox directly to Farrell Calhoun Paint Stores. Find a store HERE.

If you are unable to find Waterlox locally, PaintSource can ship to your home or project site.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you.

Doug Wilson
Lexington KY USA

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