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One Time Wood Protector
will be used on this
home, once the client chemically strips the inferior existing failed stain.
Discussion of reasons most coatings fail and lead to stripping.
After One TIME soaks in and cures, there is never a need for stripping.

Doug discusses OneTIME Wood Protector. This unique wood protector eliminates the brush marks, lap marks, and run marks characteristic of most deck and log home stains and coatings.

More about the Product

"OneTIME Wood Protector is unique protection that is a proven long-lasting alternative to conventional wood stains and finishes." This unique wood protector eliminates the continued frequent maintenance characteristic of most hardwood wood stains and oil finishes.

Wood Finish Contractors, Painters, Deck Service Companies, Homeowners, Builders, and Architects are encouraged to explore the proven wood care expertise presented here.

We present various options for coating, beautifying, and protecting a variety of wood surfaces, including log homes, decks, fencing, wood siding, and other wood surfaces.

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* Pro Tips *
Brush OR Spray:

Use .021-.023 Airless Spraytip at 500-600 PSI for even distribution applying OneTIME Wood Protector. . No back-brush is required.