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One TIME® Wood Protector

One Time Wood Stain
Colors Available :

Red Cedar
Clove Brown
Golden Honey

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Product Description

Maximum Penetration, Maximum Coverage and Maximum Protection of Outdoor Wood More Details

One TIME® Wood Protector is a unique exterior wood protection formula that uses a proprietary acrylate resin blend to provide long-term protection from water and UV radiation. Unlike conventional exterior wood treatments, One TIME® penetrates deep into the substrate's cellular structure and cures by natural sunlight . There is no solvent or water to evaporate. One TIME® is 100% solids in liquid form.

One TIME® does not require reapplication for 7 full years, eliminating the annual recoating ritual that is characteristic of most wood stains available. One TIME® can be used on virtually any exterior wood: new or old wood, pressured treated or natural wood, cedar, pine,or any other wood type. It is suitable for any exterior wood application: decks, docks, log homes, siding, outdoor furniture, fences, bleachers, shake roofs, boardwalks, outdoor furniture, etc.

Important: Other wood protection products must be removed before applying One TIME®.

Note: Wood will be well protected from moisture intrusion and fungal attachment for several years. One TIME® will lighten after the first year as One TIME® goes from a liquid to a solid in the wood. Color can be rejuvenated periodically as desired.

Normal color rejuvenation may be desired at 3-5 years in severe exposure, but wood is protected from moisture and fungal damage even after color begins to fade.

To rejuvenate color, simply clean dirt from the wood and re-apply One TIME®. No stripping or harsh chemicals are needed.

Scars and knots are extremely dense. One TIME® colors may not penetrate as deeply in these areas.

One TIME® blends beautifully during application, touchup, or rejuvenation. One TIME® is easy to apply free from drip marks, overlaps, and brushmarks.


New Wood 300-350 square feet
Old Wood 250-300 square feet


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Application Tips and Advice

  • Outdoor Applications

One TIME® can be used on virtually any exterior wood:

  • New or old wood
  • Pressure treated or natural wood

  • We have tested numerous products over the years, and One TIME® is the closest to the perfect Deck and Log Home care product we have found. Please contact us for details about our experience with this product.

    Doug Wilson
    PaintSource Network

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