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3 Steps for Optimum Performance of DEFY Wood Care Products


Brighten and neutralize your wood.


· Removes rust and tannin
· Restores the rich look of new wood
· Neutralizes strippers

After cleaning or stripping the wood it still must be neutralized and brightened to restore it’s natural beauty. Brightening is a simple, quick and easy step that will make a tremendous difference in the final appearance of your project. DEFY Wood Brightener (TimberBrite) is safe for use on all species of wood including redwood and cedar.

Note: Before applying DEFY Wood Brightener, Wood Cleaner, or Wood Stripper, cover or thoroughly wet ALL surrounding vegetation with water.

To neutralize and brighten, dilute 1 part DEFY Wood Brightener to 4 parts water (1 gallon of concentrate will make 5 gallons of finished product). DEFY Wood Brightener will cover 100-200 square feet per gallon, depending on the wood’s porosity. Apply DEFY Wood Brightener to wet wood with sprayer, brush, or mop. Let solution stand for 3-5 minutes, keeping wet with additional solution if necessary. Rinse wood and all surrounding vegetation thoroughly by flooding area with water from a garden hose. Allow surfaces to dry 24-48 hours before application of wood stain or finish.


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