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3 Steps for Optimum Performance of DEFY Wood Care Products

Clean your wood

DEFY Stain Stripper should be used where existing coating or stain is still present on some or all of the surface.

DEFY Stain Stripper
will cover 100-150 square feet per gallon. Lightly dampen surfaces to be stripped to avoid excessive grain raising. Apply a generous and uniform coat of DEFY Stain Stripper with a polyester brush, roller or pump-up hand sprayer. Allow Stripper to remain wet on surface for 15-20 minutes (keep re-applying Stripper so area does not dry out). Make sure to allow enough time for product to work. When the finish begins to lift from the wood’s surface, scrub it with a stiff bristle brush in the direction of the wood grain. After scrubbing, rinse with large amounts of water in the direction of the wood grain.

After rinsing you must neutralize and brighten the wood with DEFY Wood Brightener (TimberBrite). If stubborn areas remain, repeat the application in those areas.

Click here for more detailed Stripping Instruction

Note for cedar and redwood:

DEFY Exterior Wood Stain Stripper and DEFY Wood Cleaner will darken cedar and redwood, and raise the grain on some species of wood. This darkening is removed when the wood is brightened with DEFY Wood Brightener.

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