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Minimizing Drywall Dust on Remodeling and New Construction Projects

We feature Dust-Free Drywall Sanding equipment and supplies we have used on our projects. We can give you advice and assistance for all the equipment we feature. Drywall dust is a known health hazard and a huge nuisance in remodeling and new construction. Drywall dust can be easily controlled during new construction, assuring homeowners of minimal exposure to harmful dust that lingers for years in the home.

We observed excessive amounts of residual drywall dust in most houses we painted. We would see dust in outlets, light switch boxes, wall spaces, under stairs, all areas of air movement that allow the dust to continually enter the home. We seek to educate clients as to the simple solutions to this common problem. See Video

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Before installing drywall,
be sure wall studding is sufficiently dry. Shrinking of damp studs is a prominent cause of nail pops.

Check moisture content of studs before drywall installation using a Moisture Meter to help prevent excessive stud shrinkage and movement leading to cracks and nail pops.

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