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The PaintSource Network has served builders, finish contractors, and homeowners as a central resource for premium wood floor finishes, caulking, deck and log home stains, and other specialty coatings for over 25 years.

Our Online Paint Store features the premium solutions we have discovered and reviewed over the years. We present our years of experience applying, testing, and evaluating various paint, caulking, and wood care products here with our reviews.

We feature FREE Project Guides at PaintSource.TV.

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Our product reviews are based on our personal testing and evaluation, as well as continual input from satisfied clients
and expert contractors from across the country.

We present the knowledge of expert craftsmen and our network of wood coatings specialists who share a passion for assisting and educating Homeowners, or the Contractors or Builders they hire.

We help clients evaluate and review choices about the finishes, tools, and procedures they use to complete their projects.

We offer these premium products and solutions in our Online Paint Store.

Featured Favorite Products

Beautifully Durable

The finest finish for all interior wood including Hardwood floors, Cabinets, Walls, Logs, Tropical Hardwood, and Reclaimed Lumber.

Waterlox Tung Oil Finishes are our product of choice for the most durably beautiful hardwood floors, historic reurposed wood, doors, cabinets, and timbers. More info...

One TIME® WOOD protector is a unique exterior wood protection formula that  provides long-term protection from deteriorating elements.  One TIME® soaks and cures into the wood with natural sunlight. One TIME® WOOD Protector
Get more Information Here
One TIME® Wood Protector is our product of choice for Decks, Docks, Log Homes, Fencing, and Boardwalks

Natural Carpenter Bee Repellant

Carpenter Bee Stop

Bee Stop for Carpenter Bees and other Insects
Plese ask me about this product.... Naturally Amazing

The best performing longest lasting concrete sealer for
Concrete Driveway, Patio, Sidewalk, Vertical Concrete

Sikkens Premium Woodcare Products for Decks, Logs, Siding, Furniture and other Wood Surfaces.

Citri Fresh
Wood Cleaner, Brightener, Stripper

fence guard 3
Fence-Guard III Black is a quality satin acrylic latex waterborne coating formulated especially for plank fences and barns. FG III is highly durable and gives enduring beauty and protection, and is resistant to blistering, flaking and peeling while providing mildew protection.

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About PaintSource

We are dedicated to increasing awareness of the best products, systems, and solutions we have found. We feature those products here. Product orders are shipped from our Lexington Kentucky Warehouse, or an independent PaintSource Network Partner where available.

Our team has ongoing experience applying and testing a variety of wood coatings and related tools and supplies. We have decades of experience in coatings application, including extensive product and methods research.

The PaintSource Network links end users with the information and best-performing products and methods to achieve the easiest, best looking results for painting and wood coatings projects. We seek to increase awareness of the superior-performing products we have tested over the years. More...